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Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ve surely heard of the new series Jessica Jones. It’s another foray in the Marvel Universe; this time we’re back in Hell’s Kitchen (where Daredevil is set) and following Jessica Jones – a super powered private investigator. She’s a borderline alcoholic dealing with a bevy of demons from her past, chiefly Kilgrave – a man with the power to control people with his very words, played (very well) by David Tennant.
Hannah binge watched this show in days and went on to terrorise everyone else in her life into doing the same, including Dana. Now we’re obsessed and here’s why you should be too.


H: Whenever I’m pitching this show to anyone, I start with Kilgrave. What I like best about this villain is that he is a horrible, horrible human being. He does despicable things and at times, he is completely irredeemable. I love that JJ wasn’t afraid to really go for the darkest things imaginable and that’s not the threat of Kilgrave blowing the city up or an impending alien invasion, but the loss of a basic right that we all take for granted: the right to choose, the right to be free. It’s a terrifying prospect, but amazingly, Tennant plays him as a likeable villain. You feel guilty for loving him, especially when you consider what he does to the others, but you just can’t help yourself. The character has been developed in such a way that your feelings towards him conflict and it’s the ultimate mindf**k – which fits his character perfectly. It’s so clever.

D: When I finished the series, I admitted to Hannah that I fell in love with Kilgrave. I was expecting outrage, but she admitted that she loved him too. Loving Kilgrave is like loving Loki, except Kilgrave is way worse. Kilgrave does some horrible things to Jessica and others, but as a Doctor Who fan I just can’t help my love for Tennant. Plus, there is a lot of character development that makes you want him to become a good guy.

2. Strong Female Characters

H: We could probably an entire appreciation post on Jessica Jones alone (and who’s to say we won’t) but the truth is, this show has so many strong female characters to admire. I love how intrinsically flawed Jessica is as lead; she’s been to hell and clawed her way back, but she still makes terrible decisions and questions whether she has it in her to be a hero. Trish is way more than the sidekick best friend too. I was so impressed with what the did for female characters in JJ.

D: Obviously Jessica Jones is a kickass character, but so is Trish Walker. Trish is much more relatable. Almost every female character in this series is fully fleshed out and extremely strong willed.

3. The Noir Format

D: I had a hard time getting into Agents of Shield, but Jessica Jones has more to it than just being a comic adaptation. This has that dark noir vibe that adds so much more to the storyline.

H: I love Agents of Shield but if (like Dana) you weren’t so keen on it, Jessica Jones has this really beautiful old noir, detective show format – complete with voiceover and sexy sax music – that makes it really different from a lot of shows out there. And as Dana says, it fits really well with the vibes of the story.

4. Marvel Universe and Crossovers

D: Jessica Jones was pitched as a Daredevil spin-off. But besides the Hell’s Kitchen setting, mid-town Manhattan, and the dark tone that Daredevil takes there wasn’t much tying the two together. Except the appearance of our favorite nurse Claire, played by the amazing Rosario Dawson, from Daredevil. You just can’t go wrong with Marvel ever. I looked up Jessica Jones from the comics online and she is heavily involved in the universe so I am interested to see her get tied into the universe. I like that the characters are well aware of the universe as well. This takes place after The Avengers at least that is all we know of the time.

H: I thought the tiny references to the wider Marvel Universe were great! I read a lot of Jessica Jones comics and her ‘Jewel’ period. I only saw the pilot of Daredevil, so I wasn’t excited to see Claire as some, but don’t worry! You don’t need to have an extensive knowledge of the MCU or have seen other shows to get into this. That’s what’s good about JJ.

5. The Friendships

D: There are a lot of really great friendships in this show for you to look forward to. At the forefront is Trish and Jessica. There is something so amazing about their relationship. They protect each other and they care for each other. They balance each other so well. Yes, Jessica is really strong physically but Trish is really strong emotionally.

H: All the relationships in this show are wonderfully represented. Trish and Jessica’s friendship is well balanced and relateable. But I also loved watching Jessica – who is a very closed off character – forging new friendships, and new relationships. I want to see more of her and Malcolm working together! I think he has a lot to offer.

6. Amazing Portrayal Of Sensitive Issues

H: I  always attach recommendations of this show with trigger warnings. It does contain very sensitive and harrowing issues – rape, abuse, murder – and the first episode comes across very strong. However, I always tell people that it is handled really, really well. The writers don’t shy away from portraying Jessica’s trauma at that hands of Kilgrave, but they don’t romanticize it or over beat the issue. It’s a delicate balance but they get it right.

D: Everything that Hannah just said. Where Daredevil is a lot more violent and bloody, Jessica Jones is dark emotionally and mentally. Everyone in this show has a dark past and their own demons that they are trying to battle. From abuse to drug use, each character is fully formed as flawed people.

7. Understated Powers

H: Yeah, she can kick arse, jump high and heal fast, but the real power in this show is in the strength of the characters and the decisions that they have to make in order to be heroes. As Kilgrave proves, power is dangerous without the moral convictions behind it to make sure you don’t misuse it and JJ focuses a lot on character rather than laser beams and flamethrowing powers.

D: If you are interested in this show but the usual Marvel movies/shows are just too much for you then you should give Jessica Jones a shot. There aren’t costumes. There are no crazy special effects. You could take away the powers in this show and it would still be fantastic.

8. Sarcasm And Zingy One-Liners

D: Jessica and Kilgrave are hilarious at times. For a show that is this dark, you really need the humor to balance it out. Albeit, dark at times you will die.

H: Like Dana said, this show hits the nail on the head when it comes to balancing humor and horror. Jessica’s sassy responses make her even more likeable and I hate to say it but I laughed a lot at some of Kilgrave’s comebacks.

9. Plot And Writing (and Netflix pulling it out of the bag with more awesome original content)

D: Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, Sense 8, and Grace & Frankie are all shows that Netflix knows what it is doing when it comes to their original content. Jessica Jones is no different. Jessica Jones is a pretty obscure Marvel character for the mainstream and the fact that they could make it into this huge hit is incredible. Hannah and I both love the villain of the story, despite how horrible he is, and that just shows how well written it is.

H: I’m becoming increasingly impressed with Netflix and their original content. They know what people want and they give it to them in spades. I think with Netflix is that the focus is always on character, rather than big action budgets. They zoom in on people and what makes them tick. The writing is so on point and they get the pace right too. You can easily binge watch this and you will want to!


H & D: Enough Said. Watch it. NOW!

Have you seen Jessica Jones already? What did you think of it? And if you haven’t, has our post convinced you to give it a try? In the mean time, here’s us until Season 2 comes back.
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