5 Shows You SHOULD Be Watching | Feature

This is my second installment of 5 Shows That You NEED To Be Watching. You can check out the first list of 5HERE. I hope you decide to check out some of these shows because they are all fantastic.
1. The Bastard Executioner
Unfortunately this show has already been cancelled, but I loved its first and only season. I think you should still check it out and binge it when it goes on Netflix. I have written up another post entirely dedicated to why you should watch this show HERE
2. The Man in the High Castle
I’ve only watched the first two episodes of the Amazon Instant Video show, but of what I’ve seen it was really great. I really liked this what if concept. The show is beautiful in its world. I liked all of the twists in the first two episodes. I need to watch more.
3. The Last Kingdom
This show is freaking fantastic. I love how much action and historical context it has. I am really into historical fiction shows currently. This show is perfect for fans of the show Vikings. I’ve gotten both of my parents hooked on this show. It is a must watch. BBC America always knocks them out of the park for me. Plus the main character is super hot.
4. Into the Badlands
This is a show that I started watching just because of the network. When I first saw the preview for this show I was not about it. Then the longer trailer came out and I was really interested in the world of Into the Badlands. The world of this show is just wicked cool and visually stunning. It is this post apocalyptic dystopian southern plantation story with assassins and I really like it. My only complaint about it are the fight scenes. They are very Kill Bill/ Japanese heavily choreographed unrealistic scenes that are just unappealing for me.
5. Jessica Jones
I am about halfway into this show on Netflix and I am in love. This is Daredevil meets Veronica Mars. Marvel can do no wrong for me. I love how dark this show is. The tone of Jessica Jones is fantastic and I can’t wait to finish this post to go and watch more of it. I don’t need an excuse to watch more David Tennant. MUST WATCH!
What shows do you think more people just NEED to be watching? Are you watching any of these?
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