Baking Show Obsession | Feature

I think it is fair to say that I have become a baking junkie. My new obsession has been baking shows, mainly baking competitions. Here are the ones that I have been watching. I would love some recommendations as well!
The Great British Baking Show (Or Bake Off for those in the UK) & The Great Holiday Baking Show  (the American Version)
Apparently, the UK version is a huge hit and garners a ton of views. I can understand why! I love the set up of this show. They have to make some pretty difficult things. PBS has aired the first season and that is also on netflix, which is where I am binge watching it.
I really like that they have three distinct rounds that make perfect sense. I LOVE the technical round. I think that is really interesting. They receive a recipe that is not detailed or missing info and the point is to utilize their knowledge of baking to make it work.
The Great Holiday Baking Show is on ABC here in America and also features the great Mary Berry. I didn’t know who she is before this but I would equate her to the Betty Crocker of England. You can tell right off the bat that we Americans are very much into sweet and indulgent baking.

Cupcake Wars & Donut Showdown
This is a much more well known show. I am pretty sure these are spin-offs to Cake Wars. I have my DVR set to record Cupcake Wars. I just love the crazy flavors and how unique cupcakes can be. I really love the displays and the dramatic bakers that tend to be on it. Donut Showdown is another great show that is kind of in the same vein. I really enjoy it, but Cupcake Wars is my favorite of the two.

Halloween/Christmas Wars
These two shows are my first loves! I just adore that this isn’t just a cake competition but also sugar, tasting, pumpkin, carving, and just really creative. It is absurd what they can do with these edible displays. Some of them are just magnificent. If you are not even interested in baking you will adore this show just for how cool their creations are.

Holiday/Halloween Baking Championship – Upcoming Kids Baking Championship
The reason I really like this series of shows is that it feels much more realistic. Of course, the recipes are very advanced and unique, but there are many challenges that someone could easily do at home. The weekly themes, the judges, and the funny contestants all add to my love for this show. I am really excited for the kids version that will be coming on soon.
Nerdy Nummies Internet Show – Cooking Channel Specials
This is probably the most different from the aforementioned shows. This show is on youtube and isn’t a competition. Rosanna Pansino bakes nerdy goods, such as pumpkin pasties from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings decorated donuts. Booknerds will love her. She also had a special for Halloween and an upcoming Christmas special. She also has a cook book out as well.
Do you watch any of these shows? Do you have any recommendations of baking shows that I would enjoy? I highly recommend that you check all of these out!
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