Insurgent | Movie Review

To preface this review, I read Insurgent several years ago (May 22, 2012 to be exact, thank you goodreads). I only read it once and going into this movie the details were a little hazy.


I really enjoyed the movie. I think it was great and for some aspects better than the book. My mom fell asleep through parts of it so I don’t know what it says for the pacing of certain parts; she did enjoy it though.

If you did not see the movie, I am warning you that I am about to spoil the movie!

I think a lot of my opinions are quite similar to my opinions on just the trailer alone. It looked amazing, but not exactly what happened in the book.
Side note: One of my favorite parts of going to the theaters to see a movie are the trailers. (I get seriously pissed when people want to get to a movie when it starts not when the trailers start.) In my theater they played The Age of Adaline, which I am beyond excited for. The Avengers Age of Ultron trailer was shown which was the longest trailer yet and I NEED THIS MOVIE NOW! Also The Longest Ride which on the three is the least likely I am to see in theaters but I really like the actress in it and I have read a lot of Nicholas Spark’s books.


  • I feel like a lot of things were left out and changed. It was really obvious even for someone who read the book three years ago.
  • It seemed as though there was more of an importance placed on special effects.
  • We finally have a Uriah, but he is more seen than heard.
  • There were just somethings about Shailene Woodley that I didn’t quite enjoy, maybe it was because I didn’t enjoy Tris in this book but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
  • The same goes for Four. I remember really loving him in Insurgent but Theo James didn’t shine as much as he did in Divergent.
  • I don’t really remember how Eric died, but that was not it and I did not enjoy it.
  • One major issue that a lot of people, myself included, had with Divergent was that many characters were left out. We see a lot of the characters in passing but never more than a name.
  • I wish we would have seen more of Candor compound.
  • This isn’t a legitimate con but I really didn’t like Tris’ hair, just my personal opinion.
I think Pixie cuts are great, but I don’t think it looks great on her.


  • Tris wasn’t a whiny bitch. This may be extremely harsh but Insurgent was so annoying because of her fear to pick up a gun. GURL, you need a gun. In the movie, they completely left this out and I am so grateful for it.
  • The special effects and the cgi were fantastic. The simulations were amazing and I loved every bit of them.
  • The technology looked spectacular. I wouldn’t say it was exactly what I pictured in the books but it looked amazing.
  • Obviously, Peter wasn’t one of the good guys in the book but in Insurgent he does step up to the plate in the end. Miles Teller made the movie. He was hilarious and I adored him.
  • The world of the series was expanded in this book and it looked phenomenal in the movie.
  • Peter was very funny in the movie but generally I think there was a lot of humor in it and that was great. Readers of the book will find a lot of humor and also foreshadowing.
  • It was action packed and had a really good flow.
  • Again,  Kate Winslet was flawless and Naomi Watts was great as Evelyn.


I really enjoyed it. I think if I would have reread Insurgent right before I saw the movie I may have enjoyed it less. I think a lot of the changes that were made were for the best like the Tris gun problem. They condensed a lot of the book and focused heavily on special effects. I just wish that we had more of the supporting characters in this movie franchise. The best thing you can come out of this movie with is that MILES TELLER IS AMAZING. They definitely made Tris better in Insurgent than the book since she was so frustrating so hopefully they do the same with Four in Allegiant. I think Allegiant may be a better movie than book so I am excited to see that.

If I were to give it a numeric rating I would say it was a 3.5 or 4 out of 5!
Did you see Insurgent? What did you think? Do you have a different opinion of it than me?
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