The 100 Episode 3×06 “Bitter Harvest” | Episode Review

This week’s episode of The 100, “Bitter Harvest”, was probably my least favorite thus far in the season. I think I’m having the same The-100-season-3-episode-6-Bitter-Harvest-Thelonius-Jaha-Isaiah-Washingtonproblems with this season of The 100 and I am having with the past few episodes of The Walking Dead. It is as if these characters are negating all that they’ve learned in the past. Why are they becoming more stupid? I thought we were past this!

Bellamy has had the most development on this show. He went from antagonist to the character that we trusted the most. Bellamy was the guy expected to always to do the right thing, even after he was kind of an ass in season one. To see him acting like this is ridiculous and doesn’t make sense. Bellamy risked his life constantly for his sister and Clarke, but now he suddenly forgets the people who meant something to him. I just don’t agree with this plot line. Monty, though, remains true to himself and I think he deserves more limelight than he gets.

The-100-season-3-episode-6-Bitter-Harvest-Thelonius-Jaha-Isaiah-Washington-AlieAlso, this city of light bull crap needs to actually go somewhere because no can stand Jaha anymore. It seems like there is hope that this might become a redeemable plot line, but as of right now I find it to be really stupid. Raven is another character who had gone far and has just pandered so far this season.

Clarke and Lexa were definitely the bright spot in this episode. The chemistry between these two is just fantastic. I love that we are seeing Clarke grow and not be as selfish as she can be. Lexa is developing into this character that I adore. I really hope that she becomes a permanent character. I classify myself as a Clarke shipper, I will ship her with anything/anyone, but Clexa is beginning to take control of the-100-season-3-trailer-clarke-eliza-taylormy heart.

I’m excited to see how the “blood must not have blood” policy plays out, but with the stupid adults in sky crew it is bound to be horrible. I just with that these characters would actually go in the right direction without having to take three steps back at every turn. The adults really need to be overthrown. I have faith that things will turn around though.

Rating: 5/10 (for the Clexa feels)

The 100 airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m EST on The CW




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