The Walking Dead Episode 6×11 “Knots Untie” | Episode Review

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was a bit more exciting than last week. Don’t get me wrong I loved episode ten, but when you kick of the second half of the season with an episode worthy of a season finale there is going to be a bit of a falling action from here on because of how climactic that was.

twd611Abraham really just needs to stop. I understood where they were going with his issues with Maggie’s pregnancies and his weirdness with Rosita. It was hard not to see hm coming unto Sasha this season. It is interesting to have the characters feel secure enough in Alexandria to want to build romantic relationships and deal with human conflicts, but I really don’t want this show to turn into a soap opera with this Rosita/Abraham/Sasha love triangle. Especially, after we saw Rosita break down when she thought he died.

Maggie was a real standout in this episode. I always forget how strong she is, not just physically but as a leader. She is taking after her the-walking-dead-6-episodio-11-6x11father, but it’s nice to see her as a strong mother figure. There aren’t many strong mothers, who survive on this show and whose children survive, which makes scared when they leave her alone with people they don’t know. Like why leave the pregnant woman as lookout? But my heart was so warm at the end of the episode with the sonogram. You had to love how she stood up to the slimy Gregory.

the-walking-dead-6x11-greogory-e-il-capo I did not trust Jesus at all, but now that we’ve gotten to the end of the episode I don’t think he should be killed off right away. But he obviously will be protecting his own first and foremost. I just don’t think going and attacking Negan is going to be a great idea. It is nice to see the group being proactive for once, but it seems like we are going from one extreme to another. This isn’t going to go well (I haven’t read the comics, but I feel it.)

And the standout moment of the episode…#RICHONNE! It was just so nice. There was the perfect amount of awkwardness and acceptance from the other characters. I love that it just fits. Carl already accepts her as a mother and it was heartwarming to hear Jesus assume thtumblr_o3af3rcrr51s7z3gfo1_540ey were his parents. THE KNEE TOUCH WAS GAVE ME LIFE!

Rating: 7/10

The Walking Dead airs Sunday’s at 9p.m. EST on AMC



3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Episode 6×11 “Knots Untie” | Episode Review

  1. I definitely think that last week’s episode was better than this week’s. This episode was very anticlimactic for me. I do agree with you about Abraham though, he needs to go. Personally I’m not shipping him with either girl.

    I love Michonne but I did detect a hint of side eye from Carl. Both Carl and Michonne looked super uncomfortable which each other when the secret came out so I’m very interested in seeing their dynamic.

    Them going on against Negan will probably be their biggest regret ever. I’m so excited for his character though.

    • I’m excited to see the Negan plot play out, but it doesn’t seem like it will go well. Carl seemed really accepting of it to me, of course it was probably a little surprising, but I think he views her as a mother figure.

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