10 Things I Loved About Deadpool | Feature


I think everyone is in agreement that Deadpool was amazing. This is a list of a few pivotal and arbitrary things that I loved about the movie.

  1. Fourth Wall Breaking – It was done so well. This is a technique that can become cheesy fast, but Deadpool’s self-awareness that he was starring in a movie added another dimension to the film. It was also hysterical, but brought on more of an emotional connection to Wade.
  2. X-Men References – I am a huge X-Men fan. I loved that this was clearly set in that universe, but had a distinct tone that separated the two franchises. We saw the school, we saw two lesser known characters, we had references to the other movies, and each one of these details gave my heart the warm and fuzzies.
  3. Romance Plot – Admittedly, I amdeadpool-gallery-05 a romance junkie. Most superhero movies function fine without a strong romance plot, but the romance plot was so integral to Deadpool. If it wasn’t for Wade Wilson’s love for Vanessa there wouldn’t have been any character motivation.
  4. Comedy – I spent the entiremovie laughing. That is all I have to say.
  5. Ryan Reynolds’ Butt – This was a glorious sight and made me love the R rating even more. GLORIOUS!
  6. Ajax’s Faceanigif_enhanced-mid-9274-1440772651-3 DAMN, THIS MAN IS ATTRACTIVE. Like I hated him, but his face was great.
  7. Anti-Heroness – Wade Wilson at one point says that he isn’t a hero, but a bad guy who hurts worse bad guys. Obviously, this is paraphrasing, but I loved that line because it shows that there are shades of good and evil. Yes, this is a “superhero” movie by genre, but there don’t necessarily always have to be a clear distinction between those who are good and bad. I think this going to be a huge theme in Captain America: Civil War. deadpool-dmc_2670_v068_matte.1045_rgb_wide-1a6509acc4d6759a0ae466905cc75396e151b233-s900-c85
  8. Flashback Storytelling – Origin stories can be really boring, cough Captain America: The First Avenger cough, but the way they decided to use flashbacks really helped bring more intrigue into the story and added more interest to the narrative.
  9. Shade at Other “Superhero” Movies – This could probably fit into several of the other bullet points, but I loved it so much that it stands alone in my book. You can’t tell me what to do. I loved when Wilson made from X-Men, the Wolverine Origins movie, and the Marvel Universe. While this isn’t Marvel studios, I wish it was so Deadpool could interact with those properties, but then again Disney probably wouldn;t have approved of the R rating.
  10. Unconventional Action Sequences – Let’s just say the inventive way that Deadpool kills people was one of my favorite parts of the movie. Especially that opening credit scene!

Did you see Deadpool? What did you think? I am so incredibly ready for a Deadpool sequel!



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