The Shannara Chronicles 1×10 “Ellcrys” | Episode Review

The season finale of The Shannara Chronicles was great, but seemed to rush the plot a lot. There was a lot of great action and plot twists in this episode. I guess I just assumed that a war against massive demon army would be something that last more than one episode. While I really enjoy this show, it is not perfect. I will definitely be watching season two when it airs.

Immagine9The blood fire showed Amberle that the Ellcrys’ seed was her and that she would have to sacrifice herself to save the four lands. I think Poppy Drayton is one of the best parts of this show and I didn’t mind this sacrifice plot line, but the annoying thing is that Allanon basically told Wil that he knew this was going to happen. Really? We go ten episodes with lots of death for something that was completely avoidable.

162Eretria got left behind, again. Of course, she will be fine but it just became way too repetitive throughout the season. Obviously, Wil has a type, strong women who sacrifice themselves. The whole Bandon plot line, not doing it for me. I have zero emotional connection to him. I hope he makes a better evil character in season two. But I was so glad to see Ander finally step up to the plate. Ander, as the King, really brings the age demographics of this show down even further. Ander did get much more development in this episode and will hopefully become a strong character.

148Maybe I’m just being nit picky but the demon army’s wardrobe and makeup was really bad and to make it worse this entire plot line wrapped up way too quick and seamlessly.

The Shannara Chronicles did surpass all of my expectations for a high fantasy action drama on MTV starring Austin Butler. I looked forward to watching this show every single week and I’m going to miss it. I just wish the season finale was a whole lot better.

Rating: 6/10

The Shannara Chronicles airs Tuesday at 10 p.m on MTV 




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