The Walking Dead Episode 6×14 “Twice as Far”| Episode Review

top-4-hot-damn-moments-from-the-walking-dead-episode-14-twice-as-far-899413This week’s episode started out seemingly boring, but the episode went out with a bang. This episode focused on the minor characters, specifically Abraham’s original group, Denise, Daryl and Carol. Was Rick even in this episode? This episode was about characters needing to prove themselves to each other, themselves and the new world.

For the most part Denise’s actions were really stupid, but it is so easy to forget that the Alexandrian characters didn’t get the same learning curve as Rick’s group did. It was really sad to see her go, especially in the way that she was killed off, mid victory speech. Then Eugene bit some guys crotch. That was probably the funniest moment in all of The Walking Dead. I didn’t remember Dwight at all, like the burnt forest is a blip in my memory, but Daryl was reunited with his cross bow and that was the amazing moment.

image-8We did get some thinking about long term from Eugene’s bullet factory and the apothecary, but a lot of the long term could be seen in the new romances that are generating on the show. Rosita/Spencer, Abraham/Sasha, Carol/Tobin, and the end of Denise/Tara. Other than Tara/Denise I wasn’t about any of these new couples. I don’t like change, except for Richonne.

maxresdefault (1)Carol up and left. She better come back soon. They better go after her, even though that is probably not the wisest choice right now. It is so frustrating when characters have these moral break downs, because after six seasons you would think this would eventually stop and people would just get with the program.

Rating: 7/10

The Walking Dead airs Sunday’s at 9p.m. EST on AMC


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