The Road So Far: Supernatural Binge Watch Update

supernaturalSupernatural is one of those shows that I never got into, but I always knew was something I would enjoy. I attempted several times to get into this show and couldn’t get past season two. I’m currently a little over half way through season six. I really love this show, but it isn’t always great. Since it has a very procedural style, Supernatural tends to have a lot of filler episodes and less of a huge over arcing plot line which is what I don’t always love about the show.

Sam and Dean are fantastically developed characters. They are dynamic and easy to connect with emotionally. The supernatural creatures are diverse and interestingly done. Some of the episodes are just so crazy that and original, especially in their satire. The writing is great, the dialogue is perfection, but connecting and creating large plots are not the strong suit for the show. I wish supporting characters got more air time as well. Castiel and Bobby are amazing, but they could be so much more involved.

Season by Season Breakdown:

supernaturalSeason 1: The Introduction 

Season one introduces you to this world and the characters. The main plot is finding John Winchester and the mystery surrounding Sam and the yellow eyed demon. This first season is fun and entertaining, but there are so many unconnected and filler episodes that I just wanted there to be more of a focus on the interesting plot that they had developed.

Ranking Out of 6 (Seasons I’ve watched): 4

Season 2: More of the Same Thing

The reason I couldn’t get farther than season two of this show for so long was because I expected the creature feature of season one to lessen and for the procedural style to more into more of a larger plot driven show. There was the introduction of a few supporting characters and the mysterious yellow eyed demon plot line continued, but it was just more of the same thing of season one. But I was determined to meet Castiel, who is at the heart of the fandom and I needed to finally get past this season before I gave up.

Ranking Out of 6 (Seasons I’ve watched): 5

Season 3: Finally Some New Characters

The introduction of the reoccurring characters of Ruby and Bela really made this season much more compelling. The plot of trying to save Dean from hell made this season so much more exciting. The season finally cemented the binge watch for me.

Ranking Out of 6 (Seasons I’ve watched): 3

Season 4:

Finally, I got to meet Castiel and it was everything I could have wanted. I loved the introduction of Angels. It makes the mythology much richer and unique. You can’t trust anyone in this show. My big hang up with this season was with the new casting of Ruby. She was a horrible actress and didn’t channel the character correctly at all. She was the worst part of a great season.

Ranking Out of 6 (Seasons I’ve watched): 2

Super-2_1274541958-000Season 5:

Season five was incredible. It was nonstop action with the war between angels and demons. Castiel became a staple figure of the show. Ruby was thankfully gone. There were still some of the random filler episodes, but there was a strong plot that ran through this season. Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse was amazing. This season makes this show one of my favorites and even if the next few seasons aren’t as good it will compel me to hang on.

Ranking Out of 6 (Seasons I’ve watched): 1

Season 6:

I’m on about episode fifteen of this season and I am just bored as hell. There is a plot this season, but it is just extremely convoluted and unfocused. Certain parts of the plot are focused on when it seems convenient. The Dean and Lisa thing is annoying. Sam is just at the ugh stage again. I’m hoping this season gets better or at least that season seven is a bit better than this one.

Ranking Out of 6 (Seasons I’ve watched): 6

Are you a fan of Supernatural? What do you think of my rankings?


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