The 100 Episode 3×09 “Stealing Fire” | Episode Review

3ee5a8b1a4f307202a71dcd1ea3eThis week’s episode of The 100 was another heart crusher. They were leading up to it the whole episode unlike the killing of Lexa, which was completely out of left field. I don’t know how I feel about the direction this season has taken. Season two was so phenomenal and this season has just been mediocre overall.

Clarke ran off with the heda ai to find the missing girl from Lexa’s initiate class. I hope that Clarke retains chemistry with this girl. Though I think I will ship Clarke with a rock. Ice nation got the heda seat, that girl is bat shit crazy. This doesn’t bode well for sky crew. I hope we see more of the ice nation prince because he is a great actor and there is plenty of plot where he is concerned. I’m excited to see Murphy play the field with the grounders. I’ve really grown to love his character and am genuinely hoping he lives. 

the-100-informaca-s03e09-stealing-fire-660x330The plot to save Kane was done really well. I’m glad that they were able to surprise me at some of the twists and turns they took; The 100 is still good for a plot twist, we just may not like them anymore. Bellamy is an ass and his turn around back to logic was just too little too late. I’m still really pissed about that character development this season. I need Octavia to beat the living day lights out of him as soon as possible. 


Lincoln’s death was so drawn out and unpleasant. Lincoln was one of the most moral characters on this show. I loved him so much. His character was really vital to the humanization of the grounders. Lincoln was able to evolve Octavia from the bitch girl of episode one into the powerhouse we have on the show now. Depending on how they finish this season, this may be reason for many viewers to stop watching. I don’t think The 100 has enough well developed characters to pull these deaths like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, who have large and well developed casts. 

But the one thing that was running through my mind during the entire executioner scene, couldn’t they have just sniped Pike and be done with it. They were so close that they could have taken him out via the guns they had. Why make everything so hard?

Next episode looks to be following Jaha, which annoys me to know end to watch that stupidity unfold. Why can’t they just get rid of him once and for all, if we have to kill someone kill him.

Rating: 6/10 

The 100 airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m EST on The CW


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