The Walking Dead Episode 6×16″Last Day on Earth”| Episode Review

AMC_TWD_S6_OTN_616-800x450This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was the season finale for season six and I spent the majority of the episode an uncontrollable shaking ball of nerves. Was this one of the best season finales thus far? No. But what it did do was set the tone and plot for season seven. We had no major identifiable deaths, the key word being identifiable.

Almost every named character left Alexandria, that included everyone from Rick’s group except for for Father Gabriel and Judith. They pretty much left Alexandria unguarded, which says a lot for how much they have come since the end of the first half of the season. Father Gabriel is a total badass and I couldn’t be more proud.

Maggie’s miscarriage was the huge plot for Rick and the gang. Their major task was getting her to Hilltop to their doctor and ultra sound machine. They were getting stopped every turn, to the point that I began to lose track of that. Seeing her get progressively worse was hard and the most heartbreaking scene was Glenn screaming out not to hurt her.

AMC_TWD_616_SP_2-800x450The Carol and Morgan scenes were really great, though I kept wanting to see them get back to Rick’s group, it was nice to see a flip flop from the way these two interacted at the beginning of this B season.Then they were saved by “armored” men. I haven’t read the comics but I have heard about another group called The Kingdom, which is probably who these guys are. I was just super afraid that the horse was going to become zombie food.

Eugene steps up to the plate in this episode in such an amazing way. When Eugene offers to be the distraction it was finally his moment to save the group. Abraham reaffirmed his worth. I really thought that was going to be his death sentence, and it may well might be. I am just in love with the development his character has had in the past few episodes.

walking-dead-season-6-finaleNegan was finally introduced in one of the best ways. We see Rick brought to his knees, and the rest of the group, and he is genuinely terrified. He went from being really cocky in the beginning and then he was a mess. The episode title refers to that with, “Last Day on Earth.”

the-walking-dead-last-day-on-earth-spoilers-1Who was it that had their head bashed in? My vote is going to Carl. If I recall correctly, while Negan was wacking the unknown character with the bat he made a comment about a father, which only makes Carl the target unless somehow Negan realized Maggie was pregnant.

Rating: 10/10

The Walking Dead airs Sunday’s at 9p.m. EST on AMC


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