Fear The Walking Dead 2×01 “Monster” | Episode Review

FearTWD-2x01-Monster-Carlost.net-2016-640x360Fear The Walking Dead is back for a second season and this premiere had a lot more going on than most of the first season. There were still some really odd things going on in this episode, but there were some interesting dynamics and plots set up in this initial episode.

Nick is still wearing the pants from the dead old man in the first episode, which is just nasty and weird. Los Angeles was bombed at the start of the episode, but we didn’t get to see that play out which is highly disappointing in the context of this prequel show about the downfall of society during the zombie apocalypse. The dead body was the other part that I despised about this episode. Really? I know this is the zombie apocalypse, but there is never an instance where hoarding the dead body of your mother is okay. Seriously, a dead body one a boat.

Vis6ll6The boat setting was revealed heavily in the promos for the season. I think this was the highlight of the episode and will probably be the highlight for the season. The tight space of this gorgeous yacht features elements that we haven’t seen on The Walking Dead, of course there have been small spaces, but when you place that on the ocean with nothing surrounding them but water it creates new conflicts. Do you save a raft of people? Can zombies survive in the ocean? Can you trust everyone on the ocean?

Fear-The-Walking-Dead-No-Safe-Harbor-2x01-promotional-picture-fear-the-walking-dead-39385466-935-658I really liked that we got to see more of Alicia, obviously I am a huge fan of Alyicia Debnam-Carey from her portrayal of Lexa on The 100. Did she possibly make a really bad decision? Yes. But we realize that the character is just a teenager who is looking for a connection to others going through this. I hope that we see a progression in her character throughout this season. I see adore Nick and his character, he already has seen so much development but I know his addiction struggles will soon begin to arise.

fear-the-walking-dead-episode-201-nick-daniel-blades-935Strand is such an enigmatic character. I am intrigued but all of the holes in his story. I am excited to find out more about him. I don’t think he is a bad guy, but I know he isn’t who he claims he is.

For a premiere episode, this wasn’t amazing but it did set up a lot of new story lines and conflicts to be explored. More action in the story is definitely coming.

Rating: 7/10

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC


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