Fear The Walking Dead 2×02 “We All Fall Down” | Episode Review

This week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead was interesting and yet total filler. To protect themselves from the possible threat at the end of the last episode the group had to dock, coincidentally they found an almost deserted island with a few survivors. Things didn’t go all that well.

12928392_699818016826984_5290299473938399465_nChris was taking out some walkers with a pickaxe. I feel like this was a good development from last episode. He got to get some aggression out. It was a step up from the body hoarding. He is learning how the world works.From the first episode, I would have never expected that Nick would be my favorite character on this show. Nick knows how the world works; he operates on the world is ending mentality. Nick is also really smart (in certain areas), which is shown by the pills, but we also saw the compassionate side of him with the kids. Frank Dillane as Nick Clark - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 02 -  Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMCHe clearly showered in this episode and yet his hair is still mad gross and he he is still wearing the old man’s clothes.

Strand is still really shady and this episode furthered the intrigue surrounding his character. With the finding of the gun and maps of Mexico in the lock box and his strange phone call telling someone they would be on their way, we know that he isn’t what he claims to be. I just want to know more about him.

-Fear-the-walking-dead-2x02-We-All-Fall-Down-fear-the-walking-dead-39485333-500-352The plot line for the episode was really interesting, but it did nothing to move the season’s story line along. There was a bit of character development with Nick’s addiction still beckoning him, Ophelia feeling like an outsider, and Daniel being shifty himself. I’m just bored by Travis and Madison most of the time, Madison less so. I also really want the writers to do something more with Alicia’s character.

I am very interested in Fear The Walking Dead’s premise, but it is just way too slow in the way of story telling for me. I don’t need crazy amounts of action, but I need some more complex character story lines. The next episode looks to be much more exciting, I even spied one of the characters from the Flight 462 commercial short.

Rating: 6/10

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC


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