Once Upon a Time ‘Ruby Slippers’ 5×18 | Episode Review

tumblr_o5snr1gcWr1vqfxp8o1_500Oh boy, where do I even begin? The Underworld arc is just not working for me. I have to admit, I loved the Camelot/Dark Swan arc. It kept me on edge, and I didn’t know how it would all play out. 5B…it’s just not up to par. All of the characters don’t seem like themselves. Something is most definitely off, and I’m hoping once the heroes are out of Hell it’ll get better. Fingers crossed for more Emma and Hook scenes!

This episode starts off with Ruby and the whole Underworld squad trying to figure out why she’s down there. Surprise, surprise, Ruby tells them Zalena is the reason she’s there, but she can’t remember exactly what happened. So, Regina decides to confront her sister to see what she did to Ruby. All Ruby knows is that she did something horrible with Dorothy. We then find out that Zalena cast a sleeping curse on Dorothy that can only be broken by a true loves kiss. The only problem, as Ruby reveals, is that there was nobody that Dorothy loved besides her deceased Auntie Em.

142344_5479The heroes decide to scout out the Underworld for Auntie Em so she can blow a kiss in a bottle and it can be sent to Oz. Low and behold, Hades knows the plan and melts Auntie Em, casting her into the Rivers of Lost Souls. RIP, Auntie Em…

Meanwhile, David, Hook, and Henry set out to deliver a message to baby Charming. The problem? Cruella is hell-bent on destroying their only chance to contact Storybrooke by having her minion destroy the magical phone booth. Maybe Henry should have written her back into the story….

My favorite scene of the episode had to be one of the next scenes. Hook and Charming trying to come up with a way to contact baby Charming. We learn in that scene that Charming, as he tells Hook, has “taken a bit of a liking to him”. Which Hook appropriately replies “well I do have that effect on people”. I would have to agree strongly with that statement. I love the kinship between those two. After all, David told Hook Emma would never like him and was “just a pirate”. So it was nice to see them mend those bridges in the past.

Once the whole group of heroes find one another, David comes with a plan. He wants to send Snow back to Stroybrooke to take care of their son. After some insisting she stay with Emma, Hook reveals the headstone that now bares Charming’s name. Turns out Hook’s hook is still enchanted. You’d think Hades would have thought that through.

Snow is officially released from the Underworld with the help of Ruby and the silver slippers. It was also revealed that Ruby had feelings for Dorothy and was returning to Oz to give her a true loves kiss. It ends up working and Zalena’s sleeping curse on Dorothy breaks.

Once Upon a Time - Episode 5.18 - Ruby SlippersNow, I know a lot of fans were disappointed with the true loves kiss. They wanted one between Hook and Emma (Which okay, I am guilty of that), or they wanted Mulan and Ruby to have their happy ending. I actually thought that RedWarrior was going to happen, but the show’s creators had other plans. I just thought that the romance between Ruby and Dorothy was rushed. Not to mention there was absolutely no build up. It seemed like that storyline was just an afterthought.

The episode ends with Belle casting the sleeping curse on herself to protect her baby. Her plan is to have her dad wake her with true loves kiss. Sigh…Rumple and Belle have become such a mess.

Overall, I would give this a score of 5/10. It just didn’t thrill me like any of the other episodes in any of the seasons. As I mentioned before, this arc is messy and all over the place. There are so many storylines that I sometimes am confused as to what’s even going on. Not to mention that all the main characters are more like side characters at this point. I definitely miss the storylines revolving around Emma, Regina, Hook, and the whole gang.

On the off note, next week’s episode looks really good but also depressing. From the rumors circulating, it seems like Robin Hood may be meeting his demise by the hands of David’s evil twin. I will say this always: Regina deserves her happy ending with Robin. She worked so hard to get where she is right now!

Rating: 5/10

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights at 8pm Eastern Time.




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