Wizard World Comic Con – The Doctors | Event Recap



image1Last week I found out about a special Doctor Who event being hosted in NYC by Wizard Word Comic Con. David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, and Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, are fan favorites, mine included. David Tennant and Matt Smith are two incredibly talented actors. The 10th Doctor/David Tennant is my favorite reincarnation, from what I’ve watched. Tennant was also amazing as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones. 

The Wizard World Comic Con website was a bit confusing; when I was looking at the event all I could see was really expensive VIP and preferred tickets that included autographing and photo-ops. After some investigating, I found the general admissions panel ticket for $30 dollars. (I also was able to get 5% cash back using ebates for the ticket, so I got $1.23 off of my ticket, my referral link. Every little bit counts.) I was able to convince fellow Nerd Lexicon writer Alexis and our friend Tasha to go with me.

image2The panel was scheduled from 12:00pm to 12:45pm. We got to the event at exactly 12pm because of trains. The line to get into the panel was crazy long, but the event was very organized. There was a hot minute where I thought that we weren’t going to get in, but we got in and despite being a bit farther back in the theater we had pretty good seats. The Play Station Theater was on the small side.

The panel featured Q+A from the audience. Some of the questions were really greats, some were not. But all of the questions led to some hysterical answers. I spent the majority of this panel laughing. Hearing Tennant and Smith be so genuine made the ticket cost worth it. They knew their audience and seemed happy being there. I hope that there is a similar event like this in the future because I know I will be there.

Here is a video that I took of one of the funny moments:


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