New Doctor Who Companion

The new Doctor Who companion was announced yesterday. If you didn’t know that, where have you been? You obviously don’t live on the internet like I do, or you possibly have a life.

In a two minute trailer, BBC announced Doctor Who’s newest companion, Pearl Mackie as Bill.

I have to say I really didn’t like Clara. She was so annoying and it always felt like she saved the day, rather than the Doctor. I’m so excited to see Pearl Mackie and her character Bill. Right away, this trailer shows she is quirky and funny. She seem’s like she is going to give 12 a run for his money. But she’s also really intelligent and was finding all of the weird plot holes like a viewer. Bill will be the second official companion who is a person of color, which is amazing. Pearl Mackie seems like a great choice already. She hasn’t done much so Doctor Who will be her big break. I can’t wait to meet Bill officially.


Doctor Who season 10 will premiere in Spring 2017, but there will be a Christmas special in 2016.

What do you think of the new companion?


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