Why aren’t you watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries?


Nerdigans, my favorite people, you MUST start watching MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES

For those of you who are unaware of the brilliance of such a show, please endure a brief summary: Miss Phryne Fisher is a BAMF lady detective who solves crimes in style with her

companion, Dot Williams, hardworking drivers/communists Cec and Bert, and the always gentemany, sauve and stoic and PERFECT Detective Inspector Jack Robinson and his constable, Hugh Collins.

If that doesn’t convince you, you should probably read on:



Reason the First: THE GUMPTION:

Have you ever heard of that word before?

According to the OUP: Gumption is a shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.

Phryne exudes gumption. She is made up of gumption–probably to the point that her gumption gets her in precarious situations from time to time.

But her gumption is what you can’t help but fall in love with, either because you admire her or want to be like her.

Phryne Fisher does what she wants. She enjoys every pleasure she can coax out of life and she makes sure to share that with everyone around her.

She’s a gun toting, whiskey drinking, speed demon of a lady with a good heart and a keen eye for observation.


Reason The Second: THE WARDROBE

Um, can we all hop into a functioning TARDIS and fly to 1920s Melbourne, steal all the clothes and fly back?

I could not do Phryne’s clothes justice except to say that I love how the costume designers repeat outfits. It makes her feel more real.



Reason The Third: THE CALL BACKS

One of my biggest pet peeves with shows is that they mess with the continuity on an episode by episode basis. But Miss Fisher’s writers are paying attention and they give viewers the credit were due. They bring back characters and plots and make it feel all the more that were glimpsing real life rather than a TV show.




Phryne was certainly a modern woman ahead of her time–and despite her openness to a lot of beliefs and practices, it doesn’t seem like she feels particularly about anything. I kind of love that about her. She’ll lean toward whatever suits her.

She also doesn’t encourage or discourage any behavior. I think she understands that the world can be very grey, instead of solid black or white. The show also allows you to make a lot of your own judgements about the culprits of the murders and crimes that are committed– a lot of them with due reason.

That being said, she’s not afraid to bend the rules a little in pursuit of the truth, a fact that the upstanding Jack Robinson doesn’t like.

Mac, Phryne’s best friend, is another BAMF character, also a doctor and also a lesbian. Mac acts as if Phryne would never approve–although how she comes to this conclusion, I can’t imagine. But, true to Miss Fisher form, Phryne couldn’t care less.

Dot–the Watson to Phryne’s Holmes, is a devout Catholic, and when we first meet her is afraid to answer the telephone because her priest told her it was wrong. And while Phryne makes it known that she doesn’t share the same beliefs, she doesn’t try to dissuade Dot away from hers. She may ask her to loosen her morals from time to time but all for the greater good.
Hugh Collins: The stalwart, good egg of a constable who is as innocent as a cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven.
Then there’s Jane, Phryne’s intelligent and scrappy ward. Mac, the badass doctor who takes societal norms and eats them for breakfast. Mr. Butler is probs the second most underrated character on the show but I adore him and his shining moments of badassery.
Cec and Burt need their own spin-off show, please and thanks and Auntie Prudence IS the most underrated and under-appreciated member of the cast and I really want her to be my aunt because even though she oftentimes frowns upon Phryne’s take-down of the patriarchy, she stands up for her niece where it counts and has a heart of gold.

Featured L to R: Mr. Butler, Burt, Hugh, Dot, Phryne, Jack, and Cec and then Jane, Auntie P, and Mac

Reason the Fifth: JACK AND PHRYNE
When you start watching this show, you will undoubtedly start keeping track of all the shared moments between the detective inspector and Miss Fisher. You’ll invariably end up screaming at the tv  for them to “JUST KISS ALREADY and probably, though mileage may vary, start swooning by episode two or three when Jack walks in. And despite the fact that you don’t want Phryne to give up her gumption for a man, you’ll want, above all else, for them to just end up together and to be happy.


I could probably go on and on but why waste time reading this when you could be watching this magnificent show?!

And fair warning, nerdigans, this show will probably give you the warm and fuzzies until you can’t help but imagine yourself living at 221B with the rest of Miss Fisher’s brood. It’s a perfect watch for when you need to curl up after a long day at work or on a rainy Saturday morning. You’ll be charmed into Phryne’s world quickly until you’re left binging all three seasons on netflix and petitioning for season 4.

Let me know what you think!





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