Game of Thrones 6×01 “The Red Woman” | Episode Review

Game of Thrones is back. Praise all of the gods, new and old. They love to end seasons on giant cliff hangers, but when the new season starts they tend to never answer or do what you want them to. We caught up with the majority of the characters in this first episode back. Overall, we didn’t get that many developments other than the slaughter and take over in Dorne. I’m

x240-umJI’m really glad that this episode started at the wall with Jon Snow. It would have been really bad to have to wait. Jon Snow is clearly dead, but the Red Woman was focused on quite a bit in this episode. She clearly said she saw that he would be fighting at Winterfell. A few seasons back, the Red Woman brought someone back to life. I think they are banking on people forgetting this. But I still feel like Jon Snow is a character who should end up on the throne. It was really sad to hear the dire wolf crying. Glad to see he is still there, I kinda forgot that there was still dire wolves left.

maxresdefaultWhile we are on the subject of the Red Woman, that display of her looking super old was really weird and nasty. Why did we have to see her naked too? Is this supposed to mean that she isn’t as powerful as she once was. Can she still bring Jon Snow back? How old is the Red Woman really? This was how the episode ended and it brings up so many questions. I’m just not sure what this twist has to do with anything.

Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth– photo Helen Sloan/HBO


This episode made me realize just how much I love Davos. He is one of the few genuine people in this series. I hope that he stays with Jon Snow, once the Red Woman brings him back of course, because he feels like the Starks. I think this show is lacking moral compasses, they always get killed off. I am waiting for him to find out about the little girl who burned alive, because he is going to be really upset.



I found the direction that was taken with the Khaleesi ending up with the Dothraki. I didn’t expect her to be treated like this, but I loved the moment she whipped out her long ass name. She is going to go to the place for the widows, but we all know she is going to get out of that. But her reign will be interrupted and I am excited to see Tyrion have some power.



I like that we got to see both Stark girls in this episode. I’m really done with this whole plot line with Arya. It is really ridiculous, but I am so excited to see Sansa out of bad situations and hopefully on her way to greatness.


Rating: 7/10 ( I enjoyed the catch up with the characters, but alas it didn’t blow me away)

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm EST on HBO


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