Game of Thrones 6×02 “Home” | Episode Review


This was a very big episode. I think there is something really interested about how this show is written, because it is so slowly paced but so much happens. When this episode ended I felt like the moment, when Jon Snow rose from the dead, what else happened. Nothing else really compared to that right away, but there were a lot of huge moments that made me gasp a bit.


We finally get to see where Bran has been and what he has been up to. I’m glad that we saw almost all of the Stark children, adopted or otherwise, in this episode. I think when the show started we expected this family to be protagonists, but they have all drifted so far from each other and home. Arya is the farthest at this point, but we do see them all moving towards home. I liked that we had the little easter egg of Lyanna, who many people believe to be Jon Snow’s real mother.

Game of Thrones 6x02 Promo - Home

We see Arya has truly given up her self to save herself. She knows that if she says who she is that she won’t go anywhere. I’m just not happy with this storyline. I just want her to say that she is Arya Stark. I want the Stark’s to move back up in the world.





We were reminded that the Iron Islands are still there. Still as grimy as ever. I just have no connection to these people other than Theon and him going home. I hope there is some more character building here, because I will get bored fast with these people.






King’s Landing wasn’t all that interesting this week. I like that this is one of the only times I feel myself rooting for them, but then again when you hear the ideology of the religious old dude he makes sense. I like seeing how fast they can be conquered. I just wished that this wasn’t how they were going to get taken down, but by someone actually vying for the throne. I miss that whole play for the throne.

I am glad to see Lord Bolton dead, but I am not at all thrilled to see his bastard son in his place. The events in this storyline made me sick to my stomach. I don’t really have anything else to say.





I loved seeing Tyrion exercise his intelligence. He is well read and knowledgeable in history. He knows about the dragons. He deserves the power and the respect that he is finally getting. I was so glad to see the dragons again. I totally forgot about the two in the basement.




maxresdefault (1)

The fact that Jon is alive again makes me so happy that Sansa is almost at Castle Black. This girl needs for something good to happen to her. I need to see a great reunion between these two. I hope this is the emotional scene that I want it to be.

I called the whole Jon Snow thing; I am so glad that I was right. For a second there I thought that I might be wrong, but I figured they would wait to the last second to do that.



Rating: 9/10

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm EST on HBO


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