Once Upon a Time ‘Firebird’ 5×20 | Episode Review

Jared Gilmore, Lana Parrilla, Colin O'Donoghue, Jennifer Morrison, Rebecca Mader on Once Upon a Time

Really my only reaction to this episode is WHAT EVEN?! But that isn’t much of a review, so here I go.

I made the mistake of watching this episode twice, so I am dying from feels. I wish I was being overdramatic, but I feel so empty inside. I was so pumped for this episode too because it was Emma and Hook centric. Plus I was buzzing from this weekend because I covered the OUAT con as press. I was feeling pretty good, but lol, that changed when I watched this episode. Don’t get me wrong, it was one of the best episodes I’ve seen during 5b, but it was painful!

Sean Maguire, Lana Parrilla on Once Upon a TimeHades comes to the heroes looking for their help. Killian relentlessly tells them all that they are making a mistake my trusting Hades. In which Regina tells Killian that he’s just a recovering pirate with a rum problem. When will they figure out that they should actually start listening to him?  So Hades asks Emma for help because if she does, he’ll send everyone back to Storybrooke.(Yay! This Underworld filter is just awful.) Emma agrees and she helps Hades free Zalena from Rumple and Pan. Rumple agrees to give Zalena up if Hades rips up the contract. Which he does. Then Hades and Zalena share a kiss that restarts Hades’s heart.

A flashback shows Emma a couple years before landing in Storybrooke. She’s searching around Maine for anything that might lead her to find out about her parents. While in Maine, she meets a bail bonds woman. The woman, I believer he name was Cleo…, catches Emma. After locking her in the hotel room, which Emma escapes from, Cleo tells Emma she’ll take her to a court record keeper to get her file if she cooperates. The files reveal that there is little information about Emma. Turns out that Cleo is on the run too and Emma and her try to make a break for it, but Cleo lands on a shard of glass and dies. Emma escapes and goes to find Cleo’s daughter she gave up. When she does, we see the scene where Emma buys her ever famous red leather jacket. The jacket is a symbol for armor.

Back in Hellbrooke, Hades puts Emma and Killian to the test. Emma was unable to split her heart to put into Killian. So Hades sends the lovers down to the most dangerous place in Hell to get a fruit that will give Killian life again. Once they get down there, Killian asks Emma why she only admits her feelings for him when they’re facing a certain death. (Good question) Emma tells him that she’s had her walls up for so long that she forgets that he’s the only one she can really turn to. Then they both share this adorable smirk and my heart kind of melted. They’re my favorite OTP ever.

Colin O'Donoghue, Josh Dallas, Jennifer Morrison on Once Upon a TimeAnyway, Emma puts her heart on a scale that is supposed to determine if what Killian and her share is true love. Emma tells him that she isn’t quite sure if what she feels for him is true love, but who can? Setting the heart on the scale, nothing happens. She then starts having a kind of seizure from being without her heart. Killian goes to grab it, but he goes up into flames. In this moment, I was freaking out. Emma, looking between her heart and Killian, throws herself onto his burning body. Then the door that leads to the fruit opens, revealing that they are true love. In which Killian says “you chose me.” (Initiate fangirling) Running for the fruit, they find the tree cut down and the fruit dead. This is when they finally realize that Hades totally screwed them over. He may have had a portal back to their world, but he wanted to trap them in the deepest bowls of Hell.

Meanwhile, the other heroes have been trapped by the Blind Witch and Cruella. They all also realize that Hades is behind this and intends to trap them down here. Zalena is completely oblivious to all of this. As far as we know. Then we have Peter Pan and Rumple. The perfect evil father-son duo. Rumple rips out Robin’s heart (hasn’t that dude suffered enough?) and promises Peter he would give it to him so he could roam the Earth again. But it’s never that easy. Rumple instead decides to poison a heart with the trace of the Rivers of Lost Souls. Peter then turns to dust. Bye, bye Pan!

Colin O’Donoghue, Jennifer Morrison on Once Upon a TimeEmma and Hook head back to the elevator, confused as to what to do next. Emma tells him they’ll find another way. Now this is where I completely lost it. Killian tells her he never intended to go back with them because he’s too far gone. Emma begs him to come back, but he tells her she needs to leave him. They exchange a tearful good bye kiss. Killian makes Emma promise him that she won’t build her wall up again. Emma makes him promise that he can’t let her be his unfinished business and he needs to pass through. By this time, I am sobbing my eyes out. As Killian watches Emma go back up, he grasps for her hands, kissing it and telling her he loves her. All you can see are their hands reaching for each other. Then the whole world just crumbles. Just kidding. But it honestly felt like it. I still feel like I was punched in the face by Iron Man. Can’t they just be happy for once?!

The heroes are able to go through the portal back home. Emma is depressed. I’m depressed. The whole CaptainSwan fandom is depressed.

The whole point of 5B was to bring Killian home. And from last night’s episode, it is clear that the show totally forgot about that. Or they really love toying with our emotions. Emma and Killian have gone through so much, and I was rooting for them to return home together. Obviously that was too impossible of a thought. The promo for next week showed a funeral scene. There is speculation on whose it is, but a promo picture was just released of Emma at a gravestone with a flask in hand. Some think it’s Robin’s funeral and others think it’s Killian’s. Now, I have seen bts pictures of Emma and Killian for the finale. Rumor has it that Zeus is making an appearance next episode. Could it be that he will be reuniting Emma and Killian? I can only hope. After all, the theme of this show is hope. Why would they kill off Emma’s only true love? It would completely diminish any hope.

And to my fellow CaptainSwan shippers, we are in this together. Don’t give up hope just yet! I mean, we have proof. Colin O’Donoghue was seen filming the finale and kissing Jennifer Morrisson’s character, Emma. Also, he signed on for season 6. So hope!

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Oui je travaille dans un resto mais jamais je ne lui dirais de venir me voir là. Ça ferait ben trop jaser mes employés et ça ne serait pas professionnel de ma part. Ou ben je peux proposer qq chose mais lui dire que mon horaire est tight pour la semaine, p-e qu’il comprendra.

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