Game of Thrones 6×03 “Oathbreaker” | Episode Review

Game of Thrones is just really fantastic this season. The past few seasons haven’t been all that great, but this Stark centric season is really getting me excited every week. Except for Arya, all of the living Starks are in the north and I am hoping for a ton of reunions this season. The only character plotline that I’m not that into so far is The Iron Islands and kind of Kings Landing, but this is a first for me with this show. Usually, I am just waiting for it to get back to Jon Snow and Khaleesi.


I wasn’t all that into Bran’s character arc before this season, but I am really into his character this season. I love these flashbacks to Ned Stark. I am really glad to see the writers going with the fan theory that Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s son, but Lyanna’s son with Rhaegar. Again, the focus on the Stark’s is why i loved this episode. The Stark’s were the protagonist of the series, at least that the viewer thought, when then the show started and I love getting to root for them again. Also, little Rickon is all grown up (and a giant). I am really excited but nervous to see him back in Winterfell.



maxresdefault (2)

The hanging scene ranks high up on my list of really twisted things I have seen on Game of Thrones. I think as a viewer I expected Jon Snow to spare the young boy, so it was hard to watch. Jon Snow’s resurrection was so powerful. I loved seeing his interactions with the different people that stayed loyal to him. The Red Woman’s reaction was really interesting and I am ready for her to prop him up as the next in line for the throne, going back to the fan theory they are putting into play.



When Jon Snow took off his crow coat and said that “his watch had ended” I was so surprised yet understanding. They betrayed him in the biggest way, but being apart of The Night’s Watch and the wall has defined him. I want to see where he goes from here.




I love the Khaleesi’s bravery. She always ends up in these terrible situations, but somehow find her way out of them. I really like that there will be other strong women against her. Don’t you know who she is, the mother of dragons!

I am excited for this next episode, it looks like Sansa and Jon will be reunited and this makes me beyond happy.

Rating: 9/10

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm EST on HBO


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