Game of Thrones 6×04 “Book of the Stranger” | Episode Review

This week’s episode of  Game of Thrones is one of the best episodes in the shows history. This season has just been incredible so far. The past two or so seasons have been pretty stale for me, but the writing and storytelling is so fresh for this season. We’re only 4 episodes in to the 10 episode season and it just keeps getting better and better. If it keeps going like this the season finale is going to kill me.


We finally have a Stark(ish) reunion. It gave me chills and some tears. It has been so many years since they have seen each other. Both of them have faced so much heartache and suffering. It was hard seeing Jon be so fearful. I liked seeing Sansa stand up for what she wants, Winterfell. Also, I can’t believe Bolton killed Osha. I loved her character and now there is no one to protect Rickon from him.


Tormund and Brienne is probably my favorite part of this whole episode. Look at him: his eyes are saying, “heyy gurl, can I have yo number.” I need this relationship to happen. It will be my everything.





With out Khaleesi in the picture the Slavers Bay plotline is very dull. Her dragons made it interesting, it is very political and never seems like they can win it without her. Tyrion is great in this new setting, but I just want to see her conquer Westeros. This region is just less interesting and so secluded from the rest of the story.


It is so funny that this Sparrow actually makes me want to root for the Lannisters. His intentions are great, but even democracy needs to have a hierarchy. He is creating anarchy. i can’t wait for Cersei to get rid of him. It is going to be amazing.


I feel so bad for Theon. I think that is the consensus for most viewers. I’m glad that he is home with his sister. I hope things turn around for him.


We finally see what Little Finger has been up to. After everything Sansa has been through, we can not ever trust him again. Not that I trusted him all that much before.




I love the Khaleesi. This was again another amazing moment from her where she shows men that she is in charge. She hasn’t been nude on the show in a long time and I think that made this moment more powerful for her. I loved seeing everyone bow down to her. The verbal abuse that she had to deal with makes this seen so much more incredible.

I’m not sure how the show can top this episode on Sunday!


Rating: 9.5/10

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm EST on HBO


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