Game of Thrones 6×06 “Blood of My Blood” | Episode Review

This week’s Game of Thrones episode was probably my least favorite of the season, so far. There were a few great moments making it better than some of then most of last season, but put up against the rest of season 6 this episode fell short. “Blood of My Blood” tied up a lot of loose ends from previous seasons, which I did really love. This was basically a filler episode.

135737The big revelation of this episode was that Benjen was alive and saved Bran/Meera from Whitewalkers. I always kept him in the back of my mind and when I saw this mysterious figure save him, I KNEW. The whole half Whitewaker thing is interesting and I hope that gets more explanation.

Again, this is the season of the Starks! I am more excited for Benjen to be reunited with Jon.



I feel like this is the first time I have ever actually felt bad for the Lannisters. I can’t get behind the Sparrow. I hope he gets killed. I realize that Margery was doing all she could to try and retain power, but it was just so annoying. I just want this plot line to end as soon as possible.


It was so cute seeing Sam take care of his family. I didn’t expect his family to be so…wealthy or rude. I hope they explore more of Sam’s life before the Night’s Watch. Sam taking the sword is definitely going to be handy when winter does come and he faces whitewalkers again.


got6.6arya.0 Arya’s Faceless Man plot has been dragging on and on, but I have actually really liked seeing her scenes the past two episodes. I really liked seeing another POV of the events of Kings Landing in the earlier seasons in that play. I am really excited that she has turned her back on the Faceless Man, because she is someone. I was so happy to see needle again. I need her back in Winterfell, asap.




This Daenerys scene didn’t have much value other than she got to look powerful and ride a dragon, which is amazing always, but it didn’t further the show much. Yes, she plans to go to Westeros. That was always the end game. Hopefully, she starts to get back on track with that again.


Rating: 5/10 (for the fillerness of it)

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm EST on HBO


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