X-Men: Apocalypse | Movie Review

X-Men_Apocalypse_International_Poster X-Men is my favorite Marvel property. I grew up on the cartoon and basically wanted to be a badass mix of Jean Grey and Rogue when I grew up. I have not reached that level of awesome yet in life, but I am still aiming for it. I had seen the not so great reviews of this movie, so my expectations were reasonably low. I have to say that I was really excited that they were finally incorporating the young staple characters that are traditionally more well known. I did really enjoy this movie, but critically it wasn’t the best movie.

I loved catching up with all of the characters from Days of Future’s Past as well as characters from First Class. It was strange that this is 20 years after the first movie and no one has aged. Plot wise, I didn’t love Apocalypse. He looked so weird, like Ivan Ooze from that bad Power Rangers movie. There was also a very disjointed feel to this movie as it moved from character to character. It wasn’t very cohesive. \



I am obviously aX-Men-Apocalypse-Trailer-1-Cyclops fan of X-Men so I liked the atmosphere and world-building of this movie. If felt like a movie written for fans of the franchise with the Wolverine/Jean Grey scene, Nightcrawler/Mystique, Jubilee, Phoenix, and the last scene with costuming. It was great to see them working towards the characters and plot that we all know. I really loved Sophie Turner as Jean Grey. The phoenix was really epic, although not accurate, but still super satisfying to those like me who hated the way Phoenix was addressed in X3. Quicksilver was amazing. I loved the scene where the house blew up. Nightcrawler was also a great

tumblr_inline_o6nsw3vg1w1shsvef_1280I am excited by where they can take the franchise now. I hope they don’t do another period movie going with 90s. I think moving forward would be the best. I don’t want to see anymore prequel movies. They have built the characters and now they need to use the comics’ plots.

I’m a fan of superhero movies and action movies. I think this was good. I enjoyed watching it while in the theater, but when I think about it I begin to find a lot of flaws.

Rating: 6.5/10



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