About Us

Nerd Lexicon is a site dedicated to all things nerdy. We speak the language of nerd, fluently and in all dialects. We appreciate and respect all nerd culture and nerd passion.

Nerd Lexicon Founder:

Dana Cuadrado was raised on a healthy breakfast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter. She is known around the internet as Dana Square, which seems to be an accurate portrayal of her character. She watches way too many shows for one person to humanly keep up and is currently reading about five different books. In her spare time, she’s a full-time college student, amateur baker, and Disney World aficionado. Find her at @danasquare, she promises funny tweets ahead.

Nerd Lexicon Contributor:

Brianna Robinson speaks Nerd fluently and belongs to more fandoms than she can keep track of. When she isn’t combing through fan fiction recommendations, she’s probably catching up on a TV show she’s three seasons behind or maligning YA book series. During the week, she’s a publicity assistant for Wunderkind PR and on the weekend she works at a library helping people pay fines. She also is an amazing recipe follower and breakfast eater. She encourages all fan fiction recommendations and squeeing over Harry Potter, Chris Pine, The Blacklist and Sherlock (among others). Find her at @blrobins2 and she might give you to the link to her super secret tumblr account.